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Our servers rely on your donations, please help out when you can.
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TeamSpeak 3

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Battlefield 3 Server


There are a few simple rules when you are playing on the server:

  • No Baserape (including mortar and aircraft attacks)
  • No Spawnkilling
  • No intentional Teamkilling
  • Respect other players and admins, have fun and enjoy your stay
  • Do not use our servers to advertise/recruit for other clans


Grand Bazaar

Seine Crossing

Operation Firestorm

Caspian Border

Rule breakers can expect the following:

  • First Warning: If you don't change or respond.....Kick.
  • Second Warning: Had a kick but continue your behavior? Ban!
  • Admin discretion: There may also be circumstances where an admin may issue a kick or ban at his/her discretion or without warning.
  • Admin abuse: Kick or Ban at admin's discretion!

If you feel you have been banned unfairly please post in the You've been naughty! section of the forum.

Have fun! Play fair!
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stubbington [22 Oct : 17:50]
Shh Champ, we know you miss her, everyone loves a challenge ;)

Havoc1818 [22 Oct : 08:00]
Also Kimi Räikkönen nr1 =)

Havoc1818 [22 Oct : 07:59]
German servers

The-Champ-DK [21 Oct : 21:36]
Yes but its always an angry pointing finger at my errors ;)

jaffa1965 [21 Oct : 21:29]
I know why you don't want her back What man is brave enough to stand up to a woman when she finger pointing lol

The-Champ-DK [21 Oct : 21:25]
Oh my god you reply instantly, shu!

jaffa1965 [21 Oct : 21:23]
Come on home Jaffaa misses you

Niou [21 Oct : 21:16]
This is all part of the plan..... :P

The-Champ-DK [21 Oct : 21:16]
We are never gonna get rid of that woman are we ;D

mog3 [21 Oct : 20:55]
TY ;)

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