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Please read before submitting an application.
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Before you submit an application please read through and ensure you agree with our rules. This list is not the definitive set of rules but an abbreviated version of the bare minimum we expect from any of our clan members.

Membership Application Procedure

Before any applicant can enter into CCG the applicant must be 18 years of age and go through 6 weeks of trial by observation.

When an application is received a closed membership thread is opened and a 48 hour period in which existing members can discuss the approval or denial of the applicant begins.

An applicant can only be considered for trial membership if he/she has played a minimum of 30 hours on any of our servers. Only an invitation from an existing CCG members can bypass this requirement.

No applicant is to start the trial application period before having read and agreed to those:

  • As CCG member you have a responsibility to keep track of our forum, preferably daily or every other day.

  • You have a responsibility to help start our servers in the morning and administrate on them when necessary while playing. Starting a server simply consists of logging into (joining) it and keeping your player on the server until a sufficient amount of other players have logged on to sustain normal game play. Once the server is half full it should fill up by itself and you can log off again if you wish. It is up to you whether you wish to play actively on the server while starting it or whether you just idle, (stay there while AFK). If you idle you can minimize the game and switch your monitor off while at work/school etc.

  • You should always participate in clan discussions and votes and overall answer posts that may be related to you or your clan.

  • We are a clan of adults only and we expect all members to conduct themselves accordingly at all times.

Before the final approval for trial status can be given all applicants must pass a complete game statistics and background check to ensure no globally banned players are let into the clan.

Once the applicant has been approved, Trial applicants must wear the Tccg tags at all times and on all used battlefield accounts.

Plz note:
If you for some reason during your trial run into problems which prevents you from continuing the trial for a while you have the option to request a temporary pause of up to 2 weeks. If you do not reach the trial goals in time and you have NOT requested a pause we will not take your issue into consideration.

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